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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho new information on the man accused of killing a bay area teenager. a frightened wife describes the way she was treated before the murder. an ex-l.a. cop is out for vengeance.
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a week after the killing rampage began. the major new efforts to help end his reign of terror. two men rescued after their car plunges over a cliff. what a witness said he saw before the car went over. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. ann has the night off. we're learning more about the man accused of raping and killing the 13-year-old fairfield girl. kpix 5 reporter tells us that his life seemed to be unraveling. >> reporter: the murder suspect had grown increasingly violent in recent days according to the restraining order documents obtained by the fairfield daily republic newspaper. he lived with his wife here, one of several homes that were swarming with investigators on friday, but recently moved out, given the fact that he and his wife had separated in december. on january 25, she told the court in an application for a restraining order that she and her husband were in the car
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headed home when he began describing how a woman he had been trying to date had rejected him. "anthony looked at me and said i don't want to scare you, but i have a knife and a gun and i don't want to die alone." at that point she writes she was so afraid her husband was going to kill her that she jumped out of the car as it was moving and escaped into a nearby shopping center. she wrote, "i believe if i brought him back to the house he would kill me and then kill himself." mrs. jones also wrote of another incident where she says her husband assaulted her and then threatened to burn down the house and destroy her credit. "he pushed me more than once." "he threw something at me and it missed and broke the bedroom window. i tried to call my parents and he took my cell phone." that restraining order was granted and served on february 1, the very first day that her unclothed body was discovered in the park. scheduled to make the first appearance before a judge on wednesday. joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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in another case there is a $1 million reward out for the capture of christopher dorner. it's been seven days since dorner allegedly killed three people as revenge for being fired from the lapd. the search is concentrated in the mountains 80 miles east of los angeles where his charred truck was found on thursday. tonight, the search is being scaled back. edward lawrence explains why. >> reporter: for the first time since the murders started, an award is being offered for the capture of christopher dorner. >> this group is posting an award of $1 million for information that will lead to mrs. dorner's capture. and they told the cbs station
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kpix that they reopened that investigation and agreed to talk to dorner about it. >> if he was to give himself up, then we would be glad to listen to what he had to say. >> reporter: in big bear, california, police scaled back the search for dorner in the snow. the last clue investigators have of his whereabouts was thursday, when the officers found his burned pickup truck near the mountain resort. the search has shifted to rely on information found during the investigation into dorner. a new task force based here at lapd headquarters is the hub for the information. >> help us define dorner before he is able to kill again. >> reporter: his victims are being remembered right now. monica kwon should have been on the bench as an assistant coach. >> she had a wonderful smile. that's what everybody would tell you as they remember her for her smile. >> reporter: police say dorner murdered kwon and her fiance a week ago starting their revenge killings. the riverside police released the name of the officer who the police chief said that
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christopher dorner murdered michael krane, 44 years old, an 11-year veteran and a former marine. reporting live, edward lawrence, kpix 5. one man killed and another injured when a gunman opened fire in a san jose neighborhood. sheriff deputies found the dead man on ronda drive. it happened at about 4:00 this afternoon about the same time that the hospital reported a man with gunshot wounds who came from the same scene. that man expected to be okay. oakland police are looking for the gunman in the fatal shooting that happened in the laurel district last night. one witness described about 60 shots being fired on quigley street right before police found one man shot. that victim died at the scene. crime in oakland has proved to be a challenge for authorities again and again. and tonight, we're hearing of a new plan that kpix 5 reporter tells us that it could finally
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help turn things around for the troubled city. >> and how many do you have the name for the current council? >> reporter: no matter what you may have heard in oakland, the mayor said that the emphasis is on what they have been doing all along. listening to the community with the workshop. >> we have been working with many community groups on walking on friday night to trying to keep the violence down on our neighborhood crime views. this does not display the walk- by-walk organizations. >> and they are less than controversial view. >> for any city to say that they will not frisk, i'm sorry, they don't know what the heck they are talking about. >> reaction to stopping the safe plans to get the oakland crime under control. >> what he is doing elsewhere may have worked. it does not mean it's going to work here. >> reporter: here at the speaker program at the university, bill was nowhere to be seen.
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and instead the man who hired him, the consultant has stepped on in. >> when he comes in, he is going to be focusing on improvements here to strengthen their reaction to the crime including the performance management, including investigative capabilities and personnel on the side. >> putting it together as a plan to make them safer. >> they told me that they were encouraged by what they heard. until now they did not have a vision. they did not sit down regularly either. and they are encouraged now because they do. in oakland, kpix 5. reopening after the crash that sent two people hurling
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into the ravine this afternoon. they closed the highway for five hours as the crews, they worked to rescue the driver from the car. kpix5 reporter showed us why the rescue was so difficult. >> reporter: when they arrived to that view, they were buried in the brush. >> they were going up the hill. >> yeah, it could have been. they narrowly missed this car. >> they were already talking to 9 11, pleading from the head. he was conscious, but clearly in pain. >> he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. but for the badly hurt drivers, they were sent down from napa as they needed to make a pinpoint landing on the road. in the meantime the specialized crews from the fire department were called to fix ropes, all
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the while battling the difficulty. >> the injuries here, getting them out of the car at that level. >> reporter: it took about two hours to bring them to the roadside surface where he was stabilized for the short flight to the trauma center. as for the car, it was a case for the extreme towing. it was several hours before they were able to move up that corvette and bring it back up to the highway. by that time they had already fallen. and it was a solo crash on the road here and dry weather conditions. how fast it was going and other factors are still under investigation. in san jose, kpix 5. >> you can explay drives here in the east bay. beginning tonight that is.
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and to reconstruct that street here for them with the overpasses. the lane closures are scheduled between 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. the price of the pump has jumped up over the past couple of weeks. they said that the national average for the gallon of regular has shot up to three hours for them here. and they average about 37 cents higher. we have our own summertime gap. and that is the cheapest in sacramento at $3.82. most expensive is in l.a. at $4.10. expect to pay an average of $4 for gallon of regular. incredible video out of mississippi. the damage left behind when the massive tornado carved out a path of destruction. the northeast is still digging out. despite the mess, what makes some people say that they never want to leave. if you're a fan of sunshine, we don't want to leave here.
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we have the nor'easter. and for us, nothing, but the sunshine and the dry weather as it is the driest start of the year and in concord and hayward and sonoma and napa. and any chance for the rain in your seven-day forecast. i'll have it for you coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. damaged hundreds of homes a injured 53 people. there are no the tornado tiers through the city here. they damaged hundreds of homes, injuring about 53 people. no reports of any death, but the state of emergency is in effect at the university of southern mississippi where the trees were snapped in half.
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some roofs were ripped away as they tell us that there was as many as 15 tornadoes today in mississippi and in alabama. and that he has had a lot considering that the tornado season, they don't really begin until march. meanwhile across the northeast. people have spent a second day digging out after the blizzard of 2013. more than 200,000 people still have no power down. that's down from 6,650 customers y. and the cbs reporter shows us that it is still tough to get around the area's hardest views. >> and nearly half the road here, they are still unpassable. clearing more than three feet of snow from around their home. >> there is a lot of hours around here that they did not touch around here. >> reporter: it should have been more prepared. >> and there is a time as prepared as you are and mother nature, they will deal with your card that you cannot
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manage. >> reporter: the trucks, they are collecting the snow and dumping it in the field. workers have been at this since about 10:00 this morning and they will not be finish until the early morning hours. they'll make about 100 trips before the job is done. >> and that will be a big thing for them. five to ten minutes in between there. >> reporter: where the surges were lethal, residence are returning to check the damage. they found their home encased in ice. >> if you want to be on the's like this, you are just going to need to put up with nature. nature rules. >> reporter: despite the risk, they have no plans to give up their ocean front home. for cbs news, new britain, connecticut. and they will need to say
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no thank you. >> and next, they are great for all weather. >> that's when there is 6 million people living here. they want to shovel their driveway around here. >> they look like that it will and a little bit of the rainfall around here. if you have kid, what a nice weekend for them. a nice weekend for them to do it. another cold night today. another shot of the bay bridge here and we'll talk about the specifics from the temperatures. 44 for redwood city tonight. and even san francisco, they are pretty chilly for you. 42. concordat 33. but it sure beats shoveling out about three feet of snow, doesn't it? yes. no snow, no rain, no anything on kpix 5 high-def radar. it's been this day every day so far and every day at about 5:00 for them last month and now the driest start for them in the bay area history for many
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locations, including sonoma and napa and santa cruz and also concord and hayward. and they are just drop out. the top of the year, it was % be. -- 136%, now we're down to 81%. encouraging on 21% below normal. here is why that will not change or get better if you will. you like sunshine. now, this is your pattern. hanging out for several days now. like windex from seattle all the way down to san diego. and we have nothing, but the clear skies, up and down the western sea born. the high pressure is off to the west giving us the chillier nights. giving us the big flow. they will be cold this week. getting about one or two degrees normal. we'll get close to 70 degrees at the end of the week. and not going anywhere until about tuesday or wednesday of next week at the earliest as we will be mainly dry for a while longer. what to expect now? inland valleys near freezing tonight and tomorrow night and the night after. we'll be warmer in the afternoon through friday. and i won't see a drop of rain in sight anywhere. this is a super dry pattern.
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so what to expect tomorrow? still below normal for some of you. san jose at six o'clock 0, a couple degrees below average. oakland about 82 degrees above average. and tomorrow, 59. and chilly start for the mild finish. right around 60 for them. upper 50s for danville and livermore and vallejo. highs in the north bay at 59 for them here. downtown san francisco at 59 and oakland, alameda and berkeley tomorrow in the lower 60s. yes, that's a lot of sunshine. all the way through friday. check out the numbers here as we will talk about that specific claim 68 -- specifically, 68 at the bay. we'll stay mild next weekend. outdoor, folks, love it. the baseball season is starting for the little league coming up in the next few weeks. you know, we could use the balance here. some rainfall. but to get on outside, no place better in the country right now when it comes to the sunshine. >> it's gorgeous. >> and the lack of the severe weather.
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>> it is hard to complain. you know, especially when you are looking at what's happening back east. >> the miracle march. [ laughter ] >> still holding there. >> you're talking about rain coming on in. >> i know what we're talking about. now, we'll need that big march this year. >> all right. we'll cross our fingers. >> right now it is just a fabulous february. >> all right, we'll take it. thank you, paul. today is a celebration in many parts of the world as the first day of the lunar new year and it also marks a shift in the chinese zodiac from the year of the dragon to the snake. we'll show you why it is a time of nervous excitement. >> it is just a new beginning, a new fortune. >> reporter: the family is ringing in the new lunar year in san francisco's china town. >> and we can all celebrate the chinese new year. cooking, eating, celebrating food. family. >> reporter: and the traditional red envelopes filled with cash. >> have you gotten your red
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envelopes yet in >> yes, four from friends. >> reporter: groups like this are hoping to usher in the good financial fortune for the performances at the local banks. >> and that will be good luck for them and blessings and to scare away the evil spirit. >> reporter: the color of the day is red. >> and when there is red, you know, it gives everything latches here to put it away. and now that's a brand new start. >> reporter: the start of the snake. >> reporter: to be honest, they are not the most lovable animal of the zodiac and some traditional forecasters, they are predicting the economic upheaval and the political strike. >> reporter: the september 11 terror attacks fell in the year of the snake and as did the 1989 protest at the square and the bombing of pearl harbor in 1941. but the people we spoke with are not worried. >> that's all in the past and the better future it has become. >> reporter: you don't have any concerns about the snake? >> no, i love the snakes. sometimes we eat them too. >> reporter: and many people, they were up for something
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sweeter at this local cake bakery where they ran down the block. >> it is a very special treat to have for the year as they make them very special. and everybody, they will have their own special thing like you have here and it is very important. >> reporter: whatever your pick, the hope for a better year ahead will be shining on through. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. china welcomes in the year of the snake with less than a bang because many people in beijing were heated, the official calls to set off the fewer fireworks this yore as a part of an effort to curb the air pollution. sales of the fireworks this past week in beijing fell by 37% compared to last year. much more ahead tonight including a look at the winners of tonight's grammy awards. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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this weekend. the comedy starring jason bateman and melissa mccarthy debuted at number one... the comedy is starring jason bateman and melissa mccarthy debuted at number 1 with $36 million. the previous top body, "warm body," fell to number 2. "side effect" came in third. rounding out the top five is "the silver lining playbook" and "hansel and grettle." winning the album of the year. that is the night's top winner with four awards. jay-z, kanye west each won three grammies. we'll have much more grammy- award coverage on our sister station kpix 5 from the red carpet to the backstage. we've got you covered. special edition of kpix 5 news will start at 11:30. during the newscast a sky
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diving jump goes terribly wrong. a man free falls 13,000 feet and survives. the terrifying plunge caught on camera. and a family in ohio got more than their money's worth from a snowman they built the day after christmas. this was the original family photo taken with the snowman in a cleveland suburb on december 26. and then for more than a week, the six-foot snowman started melting. day after day the flexible friend of frosty continued to bend, but never broke. on day ten, still dawning his scarf. the journey ended when his head touched the ground, but his body is still intact. >> there you go. a teen in the top ten. big waves at pebble beach. can anybody catch this man? ,,,,
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final round here. who would take it? the man here with just a great golf name, brant? start the clock. they are up 118 at pebble and the scores, they were down. the par is 72. of course, james is here out of the cat box. and blasted by the holy -- the hole here bog geeing it dropping two behind. this his partner as he was just flawless. the final round. and that is the world ranking, number 4 here, his sixth career victory. and he was also the champion here on that side. as for the coach jim harbaugh. he accomplish his goal of
10:29 pm
making the cut. yes. and they finish in time for six. very well done. jim harbaugh. crowd pleasing here at pebble. hey college hoops for you. 31 in the second half. and the big foul here with the fro ball. as they say that number 7, arizona, 77-59. and the women, they will continue that roll here. and that is one of the five three pointers. and the cardinals, they needed to beat arizona state. 59-45. and they are 11-1 in the pac- 10. and the lady bears, they are also 11-1. >> that's awesome. >> of course. >> we love it. >> yes. >> that's my boy. >> good for him. we'll see you at 11:30.


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